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How to Create a Successful GoFundMe Campaign

How to Create a Successful GoFundMe Campaign

Published October 21, 2019
Author: Staff report

If you’ve ever seen Despicable Me, you might remember Gru’s visit to the “Bank of Evil”. Desperate to gather funds for his moon-stealing mission, Gru has to pitch his ideas to accquire a high-risk loan from a group of not-so-friendly investors.

While most small business owners aren’t pitching for funds to steal the moon, sometimes the quest to obtain that funding can feel just as insurmountable.

For today’s entrepreneurs, tirelessly pitching your ideas for funding can be an endeavor of the past. Thanks to the introduction of major platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo, business and nonprofits alike have found a new way to fund their projects– through the community that will benefit from and support them.

Despite this ideal way to raise revenue, most small businesses are left scratching their heads at the many steps involved. Many do not realize that creating an actual GoFundMe page is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, creating a successful GoFundMe entails ample press attention, social media presence, budgeting, videography, advertising, and more.

At Maine Creative, we believe in enabling small businesses to forge their own path and make their vision for the future reality.

That is why we are providing a case study with indepth analysis on how to create a booming GoFundMe that will actually reach its fundraising goals. NEAAO, one of our partner clients, has graciously let us use their crowdfunding plan as an aid to give you the tools to surmount initial start-up challenges and pursue your goals through increased funding.

Take a look at Maine Creative’s guide below to gain a comprehensive knoweldge of how to create a successful GoFundMe that can help make your vision reality.